Mapping the current situation on NDCs, LEDSs, nationally and regionally
National inceptions including national launches, strengthening of involved CSO networks and inviting other stakeholders.
National and regional knowledge sharing/capacity building CSO workshops
Development of climate strategy recommendations based on practical cases
Dialogues, meetings, and communications with national officials in charge of climate and development including of NDCs and LEDS
Regional climate policy briefs and participation in regional workshops/gatherings/ conferences and meetings with regional institutions and their officials
Participation in climate negotiations in Bonn and COP23 (primarily to follow negotiations on NDCs, LEDSs, GCF).
In addition, participation in relevant climate financing events. International policy briefs and one issue of Sustainable Energy News Communication with like-minded CSO networks including sharing experiences and lessons learned with INFORSE-West Africa.

About PIPA

Threes CSOs in the East Africa Community are implementing this project with the overall objective of contributing to strengthenĀ the pro-poor focus and climate change ambitions in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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