Strategic Meetings

Strategic Meetings

SSusWatch Kenya in collaboration with coalition partners held Strategic meetings for planning and development of an advocacy strategy plan with the main objective of creating a platform for government and CSOs active engagement and participation in the review of Kenya’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and pro poor low emission development strategies.

Some of the activities carried out during this meetings include;

Identifying and participating in engagement meetings on NDC revew with relevant government sectors and CSOs.

Information sharing /dissemination with relevant stakeholders on the status of the implementation of the NDC through the use of policy briefs, Social media, video documentary and mapping of the best practices.

Conducting for desktop review and interview with relevant stakeholders.

Conducting media briefing sessions to update target audience on the progress of the implementation of Kenya’s NDC and Gesip

Participating in Global and National Thematic days.


14 May 2018



About PIPA

Threes CSOs in the East Africa Community are implementing this project with the overall objective of contributing to strengthen the pro-poor focus and climate change ambitions in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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